2nd Hiking and Camping trip in Tyresta National Park

An amazing blueberry patch in Tyresta National Park

Lately we’ve been trying to take advantage of as much Swedish summertime as humanly possible, so we decided to grab a couple friends and go for another hike and overnight camping trip at Tyresta National Park to follow up the first one of the year. If you’re looking for other places to camp near Stockholm, I also recommend Björnö Naturreservat. Trail Route and Conditions As usual, I tried to log as much of the route as possible. On the way there we took a more direct path to our campsite, but one that crosses through the middle of brandområdet. In …

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Exploring nature in Björnö

Stockholm Archepelago

Björnö Naturreservat – Hiking, Camping, and exploring nature. Yesterday we went hiking in Björnö Naturreservat. This is a nice spot to start exploring if you’re limited on time and just want to make a quick day trip out somewhere, or stay overnight. I thought I’d do a quick overview of our Björnö camping experience. It took us around 2.5 hours to get around the long side of the trail at a slowish pace, and only about an hour to take the main road through back to the bus stop.  A Swedish lesson – Don’t fear the bears There are a …

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Hiking In Tyresta

Morning lake at Tyresta

Hiking and camping in Tyresta National Park This past weekend my girlfriend and I went out for an overnight camping and hiking trip to Tyresta National Park just south of Stockholm. If you’re into the outdoors, this is definitely a great place to begin checking out nature in Sweden! I’ve been loving the easy access to parks and natural areas all throughout Stockholm, but it just doesn’t compare to truly getting out into the middle of nowhere. (updates – I’ve started creating separate posts for other trips to Tyresta, and to Björnö Naturreservat.) Trail difficulty If you’re new to hiking …

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