Hiking In Tyresta

Morning lake at Tyresta

Hiking and camping in Tyresta National Park This past weekend my girlfriend and I went out for an overnight camping and hiking trip to Tyresta National Park just south of Stockholm. If you’re into the outdoors, this is definitely a great place to begin checking out nature in Sweden! I’ve been loving the easy access to parks and natural areas all throughout Stockholm, but it just doesn’t compare to truly getting out into the middle of nowhere. (updates – I’ve started creating separate posts for other trips to Tyresta, and to Björnö Naturreservat.) Trail difficulty If you’re new to hiking …

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Ships, Friendships, and Landscapes

Vocabulary List - Creating Words

Hej allihopa! Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the awesome response to these super nerdy English to Swedish etymology posts. I really didn’t expect that many people to enjoy them, but I will definitely keep writing more! I hope it helps your progress in learning Swedish as much as it does mine. Yesterday I posted about various words relating to writing, scratching, cutting things. I realized those only scratched the surface (hah!), so I want to continue that theme with another cluster of words that still come from the same roots, but relate more to cutting in the sense …

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Writing, Dicing, and Slicing

Hey everyone! Here is another short post on some common similarities between English and Swedish (with a few other languages in the mix). I’d like to make these short etymology summaries a regular thing, as I find studying the history of words and how they relate through different languages helps with memorizing new vocabulary, and uncovers patterns I might not have noticed before. I’ll also work on some word clouds and visualizations to help identify clusters of similar or related words, and at the end of this post will include a vocabulary table of words I’ve written about. I hope …

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