Swedish Words for Work Part 2

Etymology Chart for work words, from Proto-Germanic, to Old Norse, Old English, Modern English, and Modern Swedish

Swedish Words for Work – Part 2  This is a continuation of my previous post on how to more accurately translate words for “work” from Swedish to English, and vice versa. In that post I covered a few different cases where we would say “work” in English, but Swedish has several options that are not quite as interchangeable. This is one instance where I find I have to choose my Swedish words carefully (probably something I could improve in English to be honest…) to express what I want to say. This is my favorite kind of nerdy post, where I dig into the history and etymology of “work” words and explore interesting offshoots. If you’re interested in this kind …

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Swedish Words to Keep in Your Pocket

Swedish words in a pocket

Swedish Words to Keep in Your Pocket Today I have another word history post for you guys! I’ve been saving interesting etymology as I come across it, and I recently stumbled across a web of intertwined meanings between words for pockets, pouches, bags, and purses. I’d like to take a look at some practical scenarios involving bags and pockets, then dive into the history. To start out, here’s a practical phrase you’ll need to know when moving to Sweden. When I first started to venture out to stores on my own with my very limited Swedish I became weirdly nervous …

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Wizards and Words

Magic Swedish Letters coming out of a wizard cauldron, surrounded by books

Swedish vocabulary magic Hej allihopa! Lately I’ve been working on getting back to the nerdier side of word origins while also doing a basic review of my last year worth of Swedish homework. The plan is to do a mix of both to keep things interesting. I’ve compiled a huge amount of notes on related words between English, French, and Swedish. This post will be a mix of that, and diving into related interesting words in my reading material. As always, the goal is to increase your Swedish vocabulary by associating interesting historical bits with certain words. Once again, I’m …

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