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Documenting my studies in the Swedish language, and how to live, work, and thrive in my new home

They say the best way to learn is to teach, so I’ve taken that to heart here. I’ll go through the history of the Swedish language, vocabulary, helpful study methods, and how to apply language studies to everyday life in Sweden.

I’m fascinated by the etymology of words, and how to relate English and Swedish to each other. Much of my writing focus is spend figuring out how to make the language more accessible to English speakers, but in the process I’ve ended up learning an amazing amount about other languages.

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Digital and Traditional Art
Custom Commissions, Social Media, and Marketing Graphics

During the long long wait to move to Sweden (which I will expand on in a future blog post), my routine became very simple. Migrationsverket could call and give me an immigration decision at any time, which meant pick up and move right away. So I basically went to work, went home and slept, repeat repeat. Eventually I started to draw little doodles on my iPad to pass some time, and before I knew it I was spending hours a day drawing, sketching, watching tutorials, and learning art fundamentals. You can follow my art based social media on Facebook and Instagram.

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About Me – I’m an artist, musician, and language enthusiast with a professional background in sales and marketing. I moved from the US to Sweden last year, where I’m currently searching for new work and learning opportunities.

During the moving process I fell in love with language learning. Not only with learning Swedish, but learning the history of how languages evolve, and how to understand the basis of how we communicate. I’ve started blogging about my learning process to hopefully inspire that curiosity in others.

I’m also a lifelong musician, doing everything from playing guitar and singing in bands, teaching music lessons, hosting open mic nights, and organizing music events.